He ain’t heavy, he’s my Scoota

Ok so I lie! It IS heavy! πŸ˜€

My Ego electric scooter / scoota arrived this morning at 7.30am and I was there to welcome it with open arms. I would strongly recommend that you have a few mates round when you know it’s going to be delivered! This bad boy comes in a bit steel frame (for transportation) and is literally wired into it. After much chopping with wire cutters the delivery guy managed to free it for me, however it was still very tricky to get it out of the frame. I must also add that the delivery guy (Eric) was incredibly helpful and definately gets my thanks as I would have seriously struggled on my own.

It is now sitting pride of place on my drive awaiting a number plate – I ordered the extra registration effort when purchasing and am awaiting this to come through.

Currently I am unable to get it ‘on the road’ (as that would be slightly illegal) – however I will give it a charge and let you know how easy everything is to do etc.

On the whole though I am thouroughly pleased with the service and of course with the scooter.

The adventures start from here on so keep reading for more updates and I’d better go and buy some for of helmet etc πŸ˜€

You can pre-order yours here at Firebox (Clear your cookies :D)



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2 Responses to “He ain’t heavy, he’s my Scoota”

  1. Wise old owl Says:

    You’ll get 5 mins down the road and it’ll break down. I’d get a refund and buy a proper electric scooter that’ll last rather than this cheap rubbish that tarnishes the market with mass produced Chinese local market products.

  2. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Only time will tell old wise one. I will post the good times and not so good times on here (and will of course rant away when I get stranded somewhere when it runs out of battery!) πŸ˜€

    Surely 13M Chinese can’t be wrong?! (They got it right about eating rice! :P)

    Let’s hope you’re wrong …. for my sake.

    have you got an electric then? What are your experiences with “better” scooters?


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