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Save £300!! – New Ego Electric Scooter from only £699.95

August 10, 2009

You read it correctly – The little beauty that I still use daily and have had no problems with what-so-ever and have clocked up over 500 Miles (not to mention the fact that it’s cost me only £1.25 for all of those miles! hehe)

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Shout if you have questions

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Ego Electric Street Scoota – The Tests so far

August 26, 2008

Ok So I got my licence through and literally jumped straight on my scooter with all the excitement of a small child.

Before I carry on let me explain that I received my bike about a month or so ago and charged it up immediately, before whizzing around my car park for an evening, due to lack of number plate, clocking up 5kms. I had then flipped the OFF swith under the seat, as suggested in the manual for leaving it for long periods of time.

So now a good few weeks later I jump on it flip the switch back to ON. I managed to get a very decent 40kms out of it before it was starting to struggle slightly. I’m not sure exactly how much further it would have gone, but I reckon it could have dribbled its way to 40 miles as advertised. (I will be doing more tests to really see how much I can get out of it)

So, how does it perform – Well it starts off with some nice strong acceleration and takes me about 15 seconds to get up to 30mph (I also should note that mine appears to get to 35mph which is a plus) – I weigh 10st, so you can add that into your calculations.

For about 30Kms you will get very similar performance – clearly as you go up hills it will start to struggle a tad and drop down to 25ish mph – but then releasing going down the other side makes up for it. I did notice that once I started hitting around 42-45kms it was starting to fade slightly – The green light indicators can be fairly wild and aren’t the most reliable of items, However they claim that when you hit Amber you should still have another 10-15miles in the “tank” – this I have yet to test, although I will give it a go on the weekend.

All of a sudden my top speed was only around 25mph and it was taking a fair bit of time to get here – however, as I say, I expect that it would certainly get you another 10 miles.

The storage space is excellent and it will hold quite a lot of stuff if needs be!

You do get a few dodgy looks from passers by as they are most likely trying work out what is strange about you silently approaching on a scooter 😀 – at the end of the day though it’s a great little run around (which I’m hoping will do the full 40 miles / 64 kms as promised) – it’s also great sitting there in the knowledge that you have only had to pay a fraction of a pence for the bit of road that you’ve just cruised down rather than the few pound that everyone else is paying 😀

Cheers and here’s to more tests

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Ego Electric Scooter – It’s all good!

August 23, 2008

I picked up my number plate this morning and promptly stuck it on my scoota.

The findings so far are:

It takes 15 seconds to get up to 30 (although only about half that to get to 20ish)
I have done 40 kilometres so far and still have some charge left (even from the original charge I did when i first got it a month or so ago!)
When the battery is starting to go it doesn’t quite go 30 (more like 25) and does take a fair bit of time to get there – however I will do more tests tomorrow

let me say that the altometer (is it called that?!) is in Km rather than Miles. So that’s worth noting!

If you have any questions that you would like me to do some test to try to answer then post on here and I will see what I can do.

Overall though I think it’s excellent – I’ve also had my first set of kids honking at me from their car – naturally I gave them the w***er symbol and carried on – hehe

Cheers – more tests over the weekend 😀


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Registration with Ego Electric Scooter

August 12, 2008

I am so very nearly there to getting my number plate. This process has certainly taken a bit of time to complete (it will still be another 10 days or so) however it is more down to my uncertainty (as they had no phone number) and being out the country for a while.

I received a call from them today (The number they rang on was 01565 624090) and they said that they were waiting for my licence and utility bill. I will send this off to them by recoreded delivery tomorrow and so should have this all wrapped up within the next 10 days.

Once this has all been dealt with and I’m officially on the road, I will write a full step by step effort of what to do when you receive your scooter etc.

I “read” on youtube that a guy in america seemed to get about 22 miles out of it, however it looked like he lived in a really hilly area and he weighed about 15st – I’m 10st and in a flat area so hopefully I should be able to get near the full 40 miles out of it. Again though I will do some full tests and post my findings / thoughts on here.

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Now i’m off to buy a helmet! 😀




Safety First on your Ego Scooter

August 5, 2008

I have been looking into purchasing a helmet for obvious reason and as usual they range from around £50 all the way up to £130 (for the level that I’m looking for at least, no point getting a state of the art F1 helmet for a scooter :D)

I’d prefer to treat helmet selection a little like I would if I was having Laser Eye surgery, I personally don’t want to go for the cheapest available as there must be a reason it’s so cheap 😀

I’m look for a respectable company that have been around for a bit and ones that you see out and about (in a kind of “well if it’s good enough for them” type idea) – although going off on a major tangent but true all the same … that philosophy really doesn’t work when it comes to music! You only have to look at the same cloned drivel that the record companies try to force down our throats day in day out to see that! It pays to go off exploring and finding some true gems on your own.

I have narrowed it down to either Nexx or Piaggio at the moment – Obviously any comments from owners would be much appreciated. I still have a week or two before my licence goes through to the DVLA so that I can finally get the beaut registered for OTR use, but I would like to get it sooner rather than later so that I am fully ready to lock and load once the number plate hits the door mat.

I shall let you know my decisions nearer the time of purchase. Thoughts welcome.



No Road Tax for the Ego Electric Scooter

August 4, 2008

That’s right! You won’t pay a penny in road tax if you decide to purchase one of these lean green, emission reducing, thrilling machines.

You can charge her up like your mobile phone in any 13 amp wall socket, and can be on your bike with a full charge again in 3-6 hours.

Save money on stupid petrol prices, go green and nip through all the stand still traffic on your new electric scooter.

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Ego Electric Scooter / Scoota Insurance

July 30, 2008

I rang yesterday and accepted / paid for my quote of £151 fully comp. So I have now set the wheels in motion (so to speak) towards getting a number plate. No doubt there will prob be some form of problem when I send my drivers licence off to the DVLA because my address for my car is still my old one (as that is where it is kept) which is different to my current living address. Only time will tell.

I did do a bit more whizzing around the car park at my flats and can safely say that my mates love it and are indeed very surprised at how “cool” it looks. They, like me, believe that they will surely be a massive hit with the good people of this country that wish to be a little greener and to give Gordon a proverbial poke in the eye by avoiding rediculous petrol prices!

My mate jumped on the back (a combined weight of 21 stone) and we still got up to speed without too much difference. We were both very comfortable and still felt very stable indeed.

Hopefully my licence plate should be starting to progess towards me so that I can get on the actual road and do some full “distance tests”

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Nippy little Scoota

July 15, 2008

I had a little whizz around my car park last night with lights on and horns blaring. They aren’t kidding when they say that it is silent at a standstill! – Once you give the throttle a twist you are off! – It’s very nippy and because it’s electric it has great torque at the low end, so I found myself getting up to 25 in a matter of seconds (I would have gone faster but I was fast running out of tarmac in the car park and could see the wall rapidly approaching! :D) (Luckily the breaks are equally as impressive!)

My Flat mate had a quick spin also, and was very impressed – It really does feel very sterdy when you are on, and you can easily imagine zooming between cars and buses on the road.

I’m very much looking forward to applying for my number plate, and will keep you posted on how long that process takes.

All in all it so far gets a very strong two thumbs up from me 😀

You can pre-order yours here at Firebox (Clear your cookies :D)

We have lift off!

July 14, 2008

Ok so not quite lift off but good enough!

I have now managed to wheel my ego electric scoota round to my flat (where I will be storing it) – It was pretty easy to push once you get it going so didn’t take me too long.

Just to add in here: The reason that I had to push it round and not actually turn it on was that (as someone else has commented on .. and I agree) there could have been a little more info from Firebox to be honest when it was bought. You are kind of left in limbo not quite knowing when it is coming etc. However I will post all about these in a separate entry, but due to circumstances beyond my control I am unable to send off my drivers licence just yet, and so am therefore unable to get the numberplate that will mean that I can legally drive it on the roads. Hopefully in a two weeks I will be able to send this off and get all the papers done so that I can get her on the road 😀

Anyway … I charged up the Ego and it took only 6 hours from “factory dead” to being fully done. I will add that when you plug it in, do prepare yourself for some seriously loud fan action. The charger sounds like it’s about to take off!! – Especially mental as I have the Ego sitting in my room! (Yes, crazy I know but it’s easy for me to get it in there and means that it’s easy to charge!)

So this morning I had my first switch on …….. I can report that all lights and indicators etc seemed to be working fine. I will get it out into the car park tonight and be able to give it some fuller testing. First signs are good so far though! 😀

I must buy a few rugs so that I don’t end up getting mud all over the carpet hehe – this could end in disaster hehe

So there you go – it’s looking good so far and I will report more as I test it – Do let me know of any probs or good points that you find with yours, and if you are still tempted then I would say “go for it” and preorder yours here at Firebox (Clear your cookies :D)

Happy days


The kindness of strangers

July 14, 2008

So I had to go back to my folks on Sunday to take the Iron Crate, that my lovely little Ego Scoota came in, to the local dump site. This bad boy was not going to get in my car, as it was slightly too large (not to mention that after a week in the natural elements it had gone rather orange with rust).

After realising that it definately was not going to get in the car, I elected to walk it down there (I live just over a mile away).

So my mum and I donned our finest gardening gloves and started our trek down there with vigour. After many a stop and swapping hands we had managed to get the cumbersome object to within 500 yards of the dump. We had put it down to rest and were having a chat when some guy in a big truck pulled up and asked us if we were trying to get it down there and would we like a lift with it. Obviously we jumped at the chance and before we knew it we were down there.

After putting this safely in the corner, (where the attendent had said to …. he was probably going to sell it for scrap so at least it will get further use), we were on our way back out when another car pulled up and asked what we had been doing walking with that thing as they had seen us. After explaining, they too offered us a lift.

it just goes to show that we can all do our little bit to help. Many Thanks to those kind dumpers 😀