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Save £300!! – New Ego Electric Scooter from only £699.95

August 10, 2009

You read it correctly – The little beauty that I still use daily and have had no problems with what-so-ever and have clocked up over 500 Miles (not to mention the fact that it’s cost me only £1.25 for all of those miles! hehe)

Get in fast and bag yourself a mega bargain

Shout if you have questions

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Save £55 on the Ego Electric Scooter!

November 25, 2008

If you order your money saving scooter now, you will in fact save even more money! Firebox are offering to slash the £55 registration fee up until the end of Nov. Not long .. so get clicking 😀

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We have lift off!

July 14, 2008

Ok so not quite lift off but good enough!

I have now managed to wheel my ego electric scoota round to my flat (where I will be storing it) – It was pretty easy to push once you get it going so didn’t take me too long.

Just to add in here: The reason that I had to push it round and not actually turn it on was that (as someone else has commented on .. and I agree) there could have been a little more info from Firebox to be honest when it was bought. You are kind of left in limbo not quite knowing when it is coming etc. However I will post all about these in a separate entry, but due to circumstances beyond my control I am unable to send off my drivers licence just yet, and so am therefore unable to get the numberplate that will mean that I can legally drive it on the roads. Hopefully in a two weeks I will be able to send this off and get all the papers done so that I can get her on the road 😀

Anyway … I charged up the Ego and it took only 6 hours from “factory dead” to being fully done. I will add that when you plug it in, do prepare yourself for some seriously loud fan action. The charger sounds like it’s about to take off!! – Especially mental as I have the Ego sitting in my room! (Yes, crazy I know but it’s easy for me to get it in there and means that it’s easy to charge!)

So this morning I had my first switch on …….. I can report that all lights and indicators etc seemed to be working fine. I will get it out into the car park tonight and be able to give it some fuller testing. First signs are good so far though! 😀

I must buy a few rugs so that I don’t end up getting mud all over the carpet hehe – this could end in disaster hehe

So there you go – it’s looking good so far and I will report more as I test it – Do let me know of any probs or good points that you find with yours, and if you are still tempted then I would say “go for it” and preorder yours here at Firebox (Clear your cookies :D)

Happy days


He ain’t heavy, he’s my Scoota

July 8, 2008

Ok so I lie! It IS heavy! 😀

My Ego electric scooter / scoota arrived this morning at 7.30am and I was there to welcome it with open arms. I would strongly recommend that you have a few mates round when you know it’s going to be delivered! This bad boy comes in a bit steel frame (for transportation) and is literally wired into it. After much chopping with wire cutters the delivery guy managed to free it for me, however it was still very tricky to get it out of the frame. I must also add that the delivery guy (Eric) was incredibly helpful and definately gets my thanks as I would have seriously struggled on my own.

It is now sitting pride of place on my drive awaiting a number plate – I ordered the extra registration effort when purchasing and am awaiting this to come through.

Currently I am unable to get it ‘on the road’ (as that would be slightly illegal) – however I will give it a charge and let you know how easy everything is to do etc.

On the whole though I am thouroughly pleased with the service and of course with the scooter.

The adventures start from here on so keep reading for more updates and I’d better go and buy some for of helmet etc 😀

You can pre-order yours here at Firebox (Clear your cookies :D)


Choices Choices about the Ego electric Scooter

July 4, 2008

What colour will you be going for?

The choices are Silver, Blue and Red – I have personally ordered myself a Blue Ego Scooter (Scoota) and can’t wait for it to “pop through the letter box” 😀

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Check back here for more updates on where to get them from and more stats on it when I have given it a good run.

Go Green with the Ego Electric Scooter

July 3, 2008

Previous electric scooters have been overpriced and never really delivered the range or ease of charging that you can get from this gem.

You could be zipping round your town or city for virtually free once you’ve purchased one of these Ego Scooters. It costs as little as 8p to get a full charge out of it and will take you around 40 miles! You’ll also be able to nip about at a rather shifty 30-35 mph!

Mine is currently on it’s way to me and I will be keeping you updated on my progress. I opted for the Blue model and can’t wait to attempt to get to work on it 😀 (it’s worth a go to beat the train costs)

I will be interested to hear from other owners / potential owners on any views and stories etc, so please feel free to add comments.

I will keep you updated on when more are in stock etc and then you too can be nipping around on an Ego electric scooter.



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