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Ego Scoota still going strong

October 29, 2008

I haven’t blogged on here for a while due to the fact that I’ve had no problems of any sort 😀 – It really is plain sailing.

A few people have asked about getting their electric scooters derestricted. I would say that if you need a scooter that is going to zip about faster than 30MPH, then the Ego Scoota is prob not quite for you. However if you are going to be doing a shortish commute or need something to get you from A to B in the most economical of fashions then I would indeed join me and take the plunge.

I hear on the grapevine that Christmas is only round the corner. (According to some shops it has been since September! :P) – What better way to see in the New Year, and a new start with one of these beauties.

I have saved countless pounds in petrol money since I started a few months back and it’s serious fun to be on! – Sitting at the traffic lights in complete silence is just strangely pleasing. The thought that the car in front is spending more sitting at the lights than you did to charge up for the next 40 miles can only make one feel smug and brings an enormous smile to your face.

So get a smile on your face and get yourself a scoota! – You won’t regret it.

Clear your cookies and order at Firebox 😀


Can you get a passenger on your Ego Electric Street Scoota?

August 27, 2008

Does a Bear do what a Bear’s gotta do in Woodland?!!! – Hell yeah!

I have trialled my Ego Scooter with a passenger and it wasn’t suffering too much at all – I don’t think that you would want to travel the full 40 miles like it, however it certainly didn’t cut my top speed and the nippyness (is that a word? .. it is now!)

This Scooter is simply ideal if you live in a city and you work / wish to travel locally! Although the manual states that I should keep it charging at all times to maintain battery life .. . I’m a bloke and so therefore am completely disregarding this and using the ON / OFF switch under the seat. Firebox themselves have kindly mentioned that they will be looking to stock replacement batteries in the future for as little as £75 (that’s cheaper than some people’s full tank of petrol! haha) – This means that I don’t have to constantly make sure that my scoota is wired up to a plug and can leave it ready for action at any point.

It’s so great being in the knowledge that if you need to nip out for a pint of milk, that it will cost more for the milk than the trip down there!

I will be doing more distance tests in due course and am taking a punt tomorrow night that it will get me somewhere and back without me giving it a top up from the weekend …. only one way to find out hehe. (If you see someone pushing a blue Scoota along the road… say hi :D)

Get yourself on the green scoota-wagon and pre-order before they sell out again! Clear your cookies and Pre-order at Firebox 😀

Ego Electric Scooter / Scoota Insurance

July 30, 2008

I rang yesterday and accepted / paid for my quote of £151 fully comp. So I have now set the wheels in motion (so to speak) towards getting a number plate. No doubt there will prob be some form of problem when I send my drivers licence off to the DVLA because my address for my car is still my old one (as that is where it is kept) which is different to my current living address. Only time will tell.

I did do a bit more whizzing around the car park at my flats and can safely say that my mates love it and are indeed very surprised at how “cool” it looks. They, like me, believe that they will surely be a massive hit with the good people of this country that wish to be a little greener and to give Gordon a proverbial poke in the eye by avoiding rediculous petrol prices!

My mate jumped on the back (a combined weight of 21 stone) and we still got up to speed without too much difference. We were both very comfortable and still felt very stable indeed.

Hopefully my licence plate should be starting to progess towards me so that I can get on the actual road and do some full “distance tests”

If you fancy yourself a scoota, clear your cookies and get pre-ordering at Firebox 😀