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How far does an Ego Electric Street Scooter travel?

September 1, 2008

In a nutshell …….. 40 miles 😀 – I managed to get mine to a total of 37 miles before it coughed and spluttered itself into virtual shutdown. Yes I know that 37 isn’t 40 – However I had done this milage over the course of a few days and about 3 different trips, switching the battery off inbetween. I’m more than happy that it would go the extra 3 miles if you were to do this all in one trip (something that I will indeed test when I get the time).

The Scoota was running at pretty much full strength all the way up until around 30 miles where it did start to get slightly less responsive – although I must say that it does keep up the good work all the way until you only have the red light left, (at 36 Miles), I would make sure that you are in the near vicinity of a plug socket should you have just this one light on as the spluttering is just around the corner 😀 (literally!)

So you can get at least 60kms (the Odometer reads out in Kms) – which I would say should be enough for any city jaunts. Not to mention that it’s so much fun it’s quite simply scary! 😀

Everyone I have shown the bike and let have a go has loved it to bits. They are all talking about getting one themselves as they would “save so much money on petrol”.

Get yourself one before you spend the same amount on Petrol! hehe

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Don’t forget to comment and let me know any questions / tests that you would like me to try.




Ego Electric Scooter – It’s all good!

August 23, 2008

I picked up my number plate this morning and promptly stuck it on my scoota.

The findings so far are:

It takes 15 seconds to get up to 30 (although only about half that to get to 20ish)
I have done 40 kilometres so far and still have some charge left (even from the original charge I did when i first got it a month or so ago!)
When the battery is starting to go it doesn’t quite go 30 (more like 25) and does take a fair bit of time to get there – however I will do more tests tomorrow

let me say that the altometer (is it called that?!) is in Km rather than Miles. So that’s worth noting!

If you have any questions that you would like me to do some test to try to answer then post on here and I will see what I can do.

Overall though I think it’s excellent – I’ve also had my first set of kids honking at me from their car – naturally I gave them the w***er symbol and carried on – hehe

Cheers – more tests over the weekend 😀


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