Save £300!! – New Ego Electric Scooter from only £699.95

You read it correctly – The little beauty that I still use daily and have had no problems with what-so-ever and have clocked up over 500 Miles (not to mention the fact that it’s cost me only £1.25 for all of those miles! hehe)

Get in fast and bag yourself a mega bargain

Shout if you have questions

Clear your cookies and order at Firebox



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11 Responses to “Save £300!! – New Ego Electric Scooter from only £699.95”

  1. Ian Says:

    Isn’t it funny how you’re nothing to do with Firebox, and yet you always seem to post when there’s something that needs to be advertised?

    • egoelectricscooter Says:

      I’m not – I’m trying to tell you about savings to be had – if you don’t want them? …. don’t have them – do you notice me plugging anything else they sell … errr no. Apart from that it was a very useful comment. Cheers 😀

  2. Mike Says:

    I don’t think he works for Firebox but he’s an affiliate, which means he gets commission if you buy a bike after clicking his link.
    A very common practice on the web, I do the same thing myself with some Amazon products.

    • egoelectricscooter Says:

      Indeed – It’s all about sharing the love.
      I test stuff and try to answer your questions from experience and you click the link, if you purchase, and I make enough to charge it up for 40 miles 😀
      Did another 22 miles on it last night to go swimming (randomly) and apart from the odd near cut up from merc drivers it was all fantastic – saved me £2.15ish right there! – win/win

  3. Mike Says:

    At 72V with regen braking I think I could probably just about get 40 miles out of a charge on mine but I’d have to keep the speed down to 30.
    I’d be very surprised if anyone got 40 mile from a standard Ego at its top speed of 25 to 27 ish.

    • egoelectricscooter Says:

      I do get 40 miles to the dot out of mine, but then I am only 9.5 stone and don’t have any serious hills around me, so I can see that it might be affected

  4. Ian Says:

    That’s 40 Chinese miles of course 😉 With your inside information, will Firebox be selling any better scooters once they’ve finished clearing stock?

    • egoelectricscooter Says:

      I’m afraid that I have zero insider info. I’m sure that Ego and electric scooters will get better milage and value etc as they can see that there is a market for them here (if they could get say 50 miles and over 30mph).

  5. nigsego Says:

    Hi D.
    Do you know if Firebox sell all the spares for our Ego Scoota’s?
    If so, could they put a link on their site so customers can view & order the spares?

    I have to say that being an owner for a year now, I can fully understand why Firebox had a ‘no returns’ policy on these things. They are scared that too many people would return them after they realise that the sales information is complete lie’s. Miss-advertized.

    • egoelectricscooter Says:

      Really not sure – I’ve never looked into it. I’m sure in a year or so when I wish to upgrade and get a new one, there should be higher milage and speed scooters out there.

      • Ian Says:

        There already are! That’s why I can believe you may not have any inside information, because it’s clear to all that this price reduction is just a stock-clearing exercise because otherwise Firebox will never sell them!

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