Ego Scoota still going strong

I haven’t blogged on here for a while due to the fact that I’ve had no problems of any sort šŸ˜€ – It really is plain sailing.

A few people have asked about getting their electric scooters derestricted. I would say that if you need a scooter that is going to zip about faster than 30MPH, then the Ego Scoota is prob not quite for you. However if you are going to be doing a shortish commute or need something to get you from A to B in the most economical of fashions then I would indeed join me and take the plunge.

I hear on the grapevine that Christmas is only round the corner. (According to some shops it has been since September! :P) – What better way to see in the New Year, and a new start with one of these beauties.

I have saved countless pounds in petrol money since I started a few months back and it’s serious fun to be on! – Sitting at the traffic lights in complete silence is just strangely pleasing. The thought that the car in front is spending more sitting at the lights than you did to charge up for the next 40 miles can only make one feel smug and brings an enormous smile to your face.

So get a smile on your face and get yourself a scoota! – You won’t regret it.

Clear your cookies and order at Firebox šŸ˜€

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28 Responses to “Ego Scoota still going strong”

  1. Pete Says:

    I happened to stray across your site after hearing about the Electric Scooter on Firebox. I’m currently spending between Ā£150 and Ā£200 per month on fuel – partly because I have to travel to Lincoln to collect my daughter but also because of round trips to work and back.

    I work roughly 10 miles from where I live so the 20 mile daily round trip sounds do-able on this Scooter and I suspect that this could save me in the region of Ā£100 per month. So basically 10 months and i’ve payed for my investment.

    I’m sorely tempted now to pick one up – so many thanks for your feedback, it’s been most helpful. Do you feel that a 20 mile round trip each day would be realistic with one of these Scooters?

  2. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Pete

    A ten mile each way trip should be no worries at all – mine will happily go over 30 miles before there is any significant power loss. (it’ll happily go 37 miles in total)

    I totally agree with the savings on the petrol – Just think; even if your electricity company are mental and charge you double the rate that it should be to charge the scoota up. (16p for example, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. That’s only Ā£3.20 a month! hehe. Crazy! – I’ve already saved countless pounds and only fill my car up once a month if I’m lucky rather than every week!

    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – If you do decide to go for it, feel free to clear your cookies and click the Firebox link above. Cheers mate.

    Let me know if you have any more questions etc.

    (handy tip of the day: Should you purchase – The scoota will come with what looks like an overgrown showercap on the seat. Keep this!! – it’s a life saver at keeping the rain off when parked. Am just waiting now for some pesky kids to pinch it and leave me with a wet seat. hehe.)

  3. disco dave Says:

    Really want to buy an ego scotta but as i work shifts really need 2 hear how loud the chargin is ? as i have a baby on the way!!! also worried about having 2 charge scotta from open flat window at night if i cannot fit scotta in flat. would be thankfulll for any feedback cheers.

  4. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Dave

    The charge is loudish – However it’s more of a “white noise” than anything that would wake anyone (especially if it’s in a different room) – I have charged this in my room and have slept with it on. It’s quieter than a boiling kettle, if that helps.
    When you say charging outside your flat, is this somewhere that is covered? It can only be charged in an area that will not get rained on! So long as it’s rain free then it would be totally fine as no one would know it was charging, and it would be all turned off and steering locked etc.
    Hope that helps – Ask away if you have any more questions.
    Feel free to clear your cookies and click the link above should you order. Best of luck with the new arrival as well.
    Cheers mate


  5. Martin Price Says:


    I got a cheap motorcyle cover and that keeps both the scooter and the charger dry. An outside socket, if you are able costs less than Ā£100, which is what I have done – also handy for powertools, jet wash and radio when working outside in the yard.


  6. Jake Says:

    I’m REALLY considering buying one of these!

    I currently have a 25 mile commute to work (50 miles there and back) and my monthly fuel bill is usually over Ā£300 (Volvo S40 fuel guzzler – 20mpg) – so this would pay for itself in about 4 months. Minus the road tax, minus repairs and high insurance!

    The only thing putting me off is the range. I’m a big bloke (19st) and I’ve read that heavy people in hilly areas (I’m in North Wales) aren’t getting the advertised mileage. Does anyone know if there are plans to have a higher capacity battery in these bikes soon?

    I really don’t want to run out of juice with another 5 miles to get to work!

    Do you reckon a 50 mile round trip (with an 8 hour work day in between in which to charge) be feasible?

  7. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Martin

    Many Thanks for the helpful comments re the outside plug. Could be a winner for those who may struggle charging otherwise.



  8. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Jake

    That’s certainly quite a fuel bill you have! šŸ˜¦

    I have given my scoota a go with a friend on the back giving us a combined weight of around 24st and although it was sluggish, it did get us up to full speed etc. I do not know however if this would affect the range. Firebox only say that it will affect the speed. I have got 37 Miles out of mine over the course of a few days so I think that the 40 is very possible. So even if the range was affected slightly, it would be harsh for it to be affected by 15 miles!

    In terms of the hills, it will be sluggish getting up them, but you will be flying back down the other side šŸ˜€

    You do get a full charge out of it with the 8 hours, so that should be fine.

    I would say to go for it if you would have local trips that you could also do (and save money on) should you find it taking you too long etc to get to work.

    I think that (IMHO) it would get you to your work without giving up fine. However I have not personally done this test.

    I hope that’s of some help and should you decide to go for it, clear your cookies and click the link above šŸ˜€

    Cheers mate – let me know what you decide or if you have any further questions.


    (PS – For Scoota, the Road tax is free and I got insurance for Ā£151 fully comp – ta)

  9. nigsego Says:

    Hello. I bought my Ego Scoota about 3 months ago & have now de-restricted it. It now does just over 40 MPH (on the clock). I don’t really know if the range has been effected (positively or negatively), as I only have a 15 mile commute. De-restriction is relatively easy, don’t let the people at Ego tell you it can’t be done! I have noticed an improved difference in acceleration & hill climbing ability. I charge my scoota by leaving the charger under the seat & have an out side socket, so I can charge mine in any weather & you can hardly here the charger even when you put your ear to the seat.
    Have fun peeps & if you need any info on the de-restriction process, just ask.
    You can read about my scoota exploits on my blog, at:
    See ya. Nick.

  10. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Nick

    Many many thanks for helpful comments about De-restricting your scoota. Any way that you could post on here the full step by step instructions (a real dummy guide for me please as I’m no electrician! :D)? – Would be most appreciated.

    If it’s really simple I could be swayed to give it a whirl – Would be interesting to see how much milage one can get out of it like this.

    Cheers again


  11. Jake Says:

    You know, I think I’m gonna go for it. Even if I don’t make it to work (range etc) I think it’ll still pay for itself on those short runs I do.

    Just need to get that grand together and I’m clicking the link šŸ™‚

    I’ll then use the cash freed up from petrol to start saving for the Vectrix – – 62mph top speed, 68 miles range, Ā£7,000 šŸ˜¦

  12. nigsego Says:

    Hi Dave.
    I am currently running my scoota ‘experimentally’ & am looking at ways of making it a full dummy proof version. But the basic principle is just adding another battery in series. I will put together details of how to do it when I sort out the full voltage problem (see my blog). But don’t worry, it will be a dummies guide, as I am no electrician either.
    Lets hope we can get everyones scoota going faster & it may get some of the car drivers converted. šŸ™‚


  13. esmeralda Tassin Says:

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

  14. nigsego Says:


    Sorry for the delay, but I have finally written the description of how to do the de-restriction. If ya wonna a copy just email me at: & I will send you a copy on reply..

    Ta. Nick.

  15. Ian Says:


    I’ve been very tempted to buy one of these (and I wish I had, as up until very recently were doing them for Ā£799.95, but sadly they’re now the same price as Firebox), as my workplace is due to relocate about a mile out of town. Having done a bit of research though, I’m a bit worried about this: Is it really as slow accelerating as it seems?


  16. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Ian

    Holy Crap!! – What the hell are those people on!? – I do not know what they did to that poor scoota but I can assure you that mine accelerates a tonne quicker than that! I may only weigh in at 10st, however I can get up to top speed in around 15 seconds! Even when I had a combined weight of 25st on it (with a chum on the back) I can still get up to top speed quicker than he can! It’s a real shame that some may be put off by that review.

    You can see a video of me on mine on Firebox itself – Does that look like the same slow acceleration? Def not šŸ˜€

    For a trip of a mile or two it’ll be grand (I do a mile or so when I take it down to the station and I only charge it once a week if I need to).

    Should you be happy with my vid etc then feel free to clear your cookies and click away on the link šŸ˜€

    let me know of any more questions / worries you may have and I’ll see if I can answer them for you



  17. nigsego Says:

    Oh my god! I think they must have been running that Scoota on a red light (low battery). That review must be a joke.
    My Scoota, even when restricted, accelerates quicker than that one. Don’t be put off.


  18. Ian Says:

    Umm… I’ve not been put off – I ordered mine on Tuesday šŸ˜€

    I did have another question going round in my head though – nobody’s mentioned what effect extensive use of the lights has on range/speed?


  19. egoelectricscooter Says:

    I did all my tests (the 37 miles) with the lights on full – Doesn’t effect the speed either so much as I can tell. They aren’t exactly halogen lamps though šŸ˜€



  20. Ian Says:

    No, I sorta guessed they wouldn’t be that powerful šŸ˜Ž So maybe you would have got the quoted 40 miles without the lights on??


  21. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Yeah I should think so – I also made sure that I did lots of stop-starting to really get the battery working. I definately think the 40 miles would be very acheivable with normal use (and no lights during day time).
    I will try to test again possibly if I get the time, but it’s quite hard to make sure that I’m very very close to home when it packs up šŸ˜€
    The lights are clearly good enough to see at night (which is handy), and it’s not as if you’re going 60mph or anything. Although you get to notice just how poor state our roads are in with all the potholes and things to avoid!


  22. nigsego Says:

    I agree about the lights being perfectly adequate for the scoota. I leave for work at 6am & have no worries seeing, even in the horrible rain. I have noticed no difference in battery performance with the lights on.
    Has any one else got a scoota that has the light switch wired wrong? Mine uses full beam when set the dip & vice-versa.

    I’m glad to here that you have taken the plunge Ian, you won’t regret it. Enjoy your spare cash.


  23. Ian Says:

    Scoota arrived this morning (finally!). I appear to have a similar problem with the lights, but mine goes straight onto headlight as soon as you switch to the sidelight position – selecting headlight makes no difference (dip/main beam appears to be the right way round). I also had an initial problem where the brake light was stuck on as soon as you turned the ignition on – thankfully after a few tries it seems to have cleared itself. I do wonder about the reliability of their wiring.

    Now all I have to do is wait for the registration to come through šŸ˜„

  24. Ian Says:

    That was me, by the way…

  25. Adrian Says:

    Hey everyone,

    Just to let you know I’ve been commuting into London every day and am a little disappointed with the range of my scooter its 12 miles in and 12 miles out and I’m using my side light in daylight in the morning and headlight in the evening. Quite a bit of stop start at lights and traffic and a few hills but getting nowhere near 40 miles.

    Start with full charge and get to work with two green lights left at full throttle then charge all day.
    When I get home at night only one green light at full.Been commuting for about a month.
    Yesterday got home then did about another 10 miles locally and ran out of juice just as I got to my road so used half throttle and limped in.

    Scooter would be great if doing approx 5 miles each way but I think my commute is a bit extreme for it luckily I can charge mine at work otherwise it would be a waste of money.

    Dont get me wrong I love my new gadget get some really great comments on the way to work from other riders and cheeky bicycle slip streamers but just wanted to let you know the range was obviously acheived on a flat track with no lights on at a constant speed with no stopping.

    Can anyone let me know how I can mod my bike to get more range coz speed is fine. Hope my experiences are of interest and well done to all for a great blog.

  26. nigsego Says:

    Hi Adrian.
    Sorry, I have just seen your mail. I completely agree with you now about the distance/batteries thing. The Scoota is no way capable of travelling 40 miles on one charge. Have you considered up-grading to 5 batteries? Mine handles my commute (a true 12 miles total) now no worries. I have contacted Ego’s customer support about this & they are trying to play it down (I think). I am currently waiting for my dealer to test one of theirs out to see if they agree with my findings. I strongly urge everyone who agrees about the scoota’s poor performance, get in touch with Ego (they won’t do any thing unless we all stick together). I will post a report on my blog when I hear anything from them.

    Adding a 5th battery will give you more speed, but you don’t have to use it.

    Hope this helps.

  27. Ken Bundy Says:

    Hi Folks,

    I thought it might be useful to recount my experiences with my Ego Street Scoota for those of you who are thinking about buying one.

    I purchased mine in October 2008. Arranging the registration, tax disc and insurance was straightforward. The nuts and bolts supplied for fitting the backbox looked a bit flimsy to me so I used my own, which has worked fine. I didn’t ride my scoota much during the winter months, but last week my car failed it’s MOT so I had to start riding it.

    My normal car journey to work is 8 miles on a busy road. I didn’t fancy doing that on the scoota so I use the back roads instead, making the journey 10 miles. I found that my scoota has sufficient charge to do a single journey but that attempting the return journey on one charge is optimistic – the scoota will make it, but the last few miles will be slow! Therefore I have got into the habit of plugging the scoota in after every journey.

    The scoota is comfortable to sit on and all of the controls work well, even when wearing gloves. I have to be careful to avoid potholes and I do feel most of the bumps in the road, but this is not a criticism of the Street Scoota as a petrol scooter would be the same.

    One of the two great benefits of the scoota is the ability to get past any queueing traffic – despite the scoota being slower than my car was, the journey time is similar. The other significant benefit is the low running costs – I haven’t been to a petrol station for ages! šŸ˜‰

    Probably my biggest criticism of the scoota is the lack of power – it is slow, even compared to a petrol scooter. I find that the realistic cruising speed is 25mph, with 30mph or more only available when riding downhill. Going uphill can be unpleasant, with one part of my journey in particular slowing me down to 10mph.

    I have read on the internet about people who have found DIY ways to add more batteries to the Street Scoota, and I am tempted to try upgrading from four lead-acid batteries to five (48v to 60v). I’m not interested in breaking the law, I just want to get what I paid for – a vehicle which is supposed to do 30mph.

    I’m going to make a couple of other minor adjustments as well – I shall use some velcro to secure the floor mat because it slips about too much, and I will find some way of lengthening the stalks for the rear view mirrors as I find it difficult to see past my arms!

    So, would I recommend the Street Scoota? I’ve seen some reviews on the internet which shower it with praise but I wouldn’t go that far. However, mine has been invaluable while I’m without a car and I’d *much* rather use the scoota than public transport. I think that if you’re the sort of person who is organised (always remembering to put the scoota on charge after every use) and practical (e.g. my experience with fitting the backbox) then you will like the Street Scoota. I’d give it 7 out of 10.

  28. Ummy Lammer Lammy Says:

    This seems like it is ideal for a 5-8 mile commute with one charge per day… exactly like a bicycle is…

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