Ego Electric Street Scooter now in stock

I have just received confirmation that the Street Scootas are now back in stock.

Get preordering today before they run out of stock again. All 3 colours are back in: Silver, Red and Blue. (I have the Blue myself, it’s a beaut :D)

Post comments on here if you have any questions etc

Clear your cookies and order at Firebox 😀



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9 Responses to “Ego Electric Street Scooter now in stock”

  1. Martin Thomas Says:

    Hi again… well at last it has arrived – at 7.00am this morning! Well I did push to get a delivery asap! It all seems to look fine and I managed to fix the hand covers (screws are a bit fiddly) and wing mirrors, which when you are 6 foot 3 inches are a tad redundant. I charged it up which seemed to only take 5 hours until the green light came on and I tried it out this afternoon (just around my local roads which are really quiet. I sent off all my documents well over a week ago and am still waiting for my plates which is rather frustrating as I really want to try my first comute this Thursday. I managed to get up to 26 mph or so which made me wonder whether it will go much faster as it was on a very flat smooth road. I am 6’3″, weigh 13 1/2 stone and it was quite a windy day today. Would that have made a difference or had it not fully charged? When I came back and plugged it back in it needed to charge more so I’m left wondering. Anyway, any thoughts appreciated – as long as it can do around 26+ I’ll be happy and I think a new addiction is on its way!!!

  2. Martin Thomas Says:

    Oh – also forgot to mention that Ego have ditched the metal frame which other bikes came in and the bike now comes in a cardboard box. The cardboard is thick especially on the base which is several inches but it was easy for me to unpack on my own and to fold up the cardboard to take to the tip was easy (although the car did help!). Anyway – thumbs up to Ego for make the process very smooth and more environmentally friendly!

  3. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Martin

    Glad you got it all ok (and that they have stopped with the iron crate :D)
    Mine did the same on first charge and seemed to take a much longer 7-8 hours to fully charge after first use (this is what is said in the manual though so all good).
    I never really got the chance to get up to full speed on first charge. However the Speedo does eventually get there 😀 – The wind potentially could have been a factor, but let me know your findings.

    Hope you get your numberplate through soon – will be exciting.

    Keep us posted and enjoy 😀


  4. James Says:

    well i finally took delivery of my 2000W Supersport scooter from tonight.
    Had a 10 mile round trip to Chelsea.
    Good fun.
    impressed by it.
    Heavy though – took some while to get it on the stand.
    And also the mirrors are shaky: might see if I can tighten them up in the morning.
    Or get some firmer ones that don’t shake, perhaps.
    I was impressed by acceleration.
    And one car with lads in asked if it was electric at traffic lights.
    They were impressed.
    The loudest noise is the wind noise on you,moving along.
    Charging it up for the first time now………..

  5. James Says:

    Also i went up a 1 in 10 hill and it coped.
    It was slow – I think about 15mph, but it got me up there (and I am almost 16 stone).
    On the flat the max I got was about 35mph.
    Maybe it will do 40mph. Need to see.

  6. Pete Says:

    hihi ….. any way to derestrict these street scootas ? 30 mph dont cut it on a B road


  7. Gavin Horricks Says:

    I hear that there is a way to destrestict.
    The controller looks to be the way forward.
    Under the seat. 🙂

  8. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Gavin

    Check out Nick’s blog for details on how to de-restrict



  9. Gavin Horricks Says:

    I’m not quite sure that’s quite de-restricting.

    Adding a battery to make the scooter go faster is quite a modification… I don’t mean that in an untechnically minded way as I am an IT Technician, but meaning that it’s adding more volts hence more power and no dount puts strain on the motor.

    I was speaking to a tech chap at the place I bought mine from and he more than hinted that there is a simple way without adding batteries to enable a speed boost.

    Have a look at the eMax scooter (I think it’s the one) as it has a boost mode that takes torque away from the vehicle but adds speed.


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