6ft 3inch and still comfy on your Ego Electric Street Scoota?

“Yes Indeedy” informs my vertically gifted friend (Chris). I will admit that if you were 6ft 4 then you might be just about touching your knees against the front of the bike – however that lack of 1 inch seemed to make all the difference.

Chris looked a man on a mission cruising around with the wind in his hair and a big grin on his face. He looked like you could have “blue screened” him into the middle of a busy Italian city and he would have been the talk of the town.

So that deals with the height. The next test that I need to do is regarding ‘weight’.

I did have a quick cruise up and down the road with a mate on the back who is around 13st. I weigh 10st myself and although the scoota was a little less responsive to say the least it still got up to top speed and felt solid. Not bad for a bike carrying 23st!! – Clearly I do not know how this would affect battery life / distance. I will see if I can get a mid range of around 15st and let you know some 0-30 times etc.

Even now it is still serious fun (it just never wears off!) – It’s def one of the best £1k I’ve ever spent (not to mention the amount that I’m saving! :D)

You can pre-order now – get in quick before they all scoot off again.

Clear your cookies and Pre-order at Firebox 😀




12 Responses to “6ft 3inch and still comfy on your Ego Electric Street Scoota?”

  1. mark Says:

    I sat on an ego scooter at the weekend and I’m 6ft 3. If you squeeze to the front of the seat then it is a little crowded but all I did was sat a little further back and it was fine.

  2. James Says:

    I tried a 1000w scooter in Wembley on the weekend and it didn’t really want to seem to want to get out of a pothole, although was fine on flat bumpy carpark.

    In the end, I have ordered a 2000w bike off ebay (source: http://www.greenerride.co.uk) because I was not convinced that with my weight (15 stone), the ego 1400w would do v well on steep hills.

    The one I have ordered should come on 4th Oct.

    I paid £1234 for it, which is not a lot more than Ego.

    Will let you know how I get on.

  3. James Says:

    I think the challenging thing is not so much weight.
    But weight plus inclines.
    And how that affects range.

  4. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi James

    Have had a quick butchers at the one you mention and it certainly looks a good one. I think you are right that it will def cope with the hills better for you.
    That also sounds a very decent price. – Do let me know how you get on with it.

  5. egoelectricscooter Says:

    I’ll still do some tests with 15st and see how I get on with it. We can post times and sluggishness on here.


  6. mark Says:

    Cheers for that James,
    How did you go on for insurance? And also as it has a higher top speed have you got / did you need a CBT?

  7. James Says:

    I am still shopping around for insurance since it is not due to arrive until next Sat.
    I have found not bad insurance deals through the people Scoota recommend – electric scooter insurance they call themselves.
    Problem is, the excess is £250 which I think is pretty steep.
    Have you managed to get a lower excess, Duff?
    And who did you find the cheapest?

  8. James Says:

    To answer your 2nd question, Mark, it does have a higher speed:
    I think about 35mph, rising to 42mph on ‘boost’.
    See the webside: http://www.greenerride.co.uk
    I got the Supersport model.
    I don’t have CBT since I had a full car licence before that requirement was brought in. What is involved in CBT, by the way?

  9. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi James

    I would check with the DVLA in terms of not having a CBT for that scooter. They say on there that it is only classified as a Moped if it doesn’t go over 31MPH, and that’s how you don’t need a CBT for the Ego Street Scoota, whereas for higher “cc” / Wattage you might well need to.

    In terms of the Insurance – I can’t say that I shopped about, and I indeed settled for the £250 excess. However should it get stolen or something then you should be able to claim and get a new one for effectively £250 – bargain!


  10. James Says:

    I have been reassured by them about this issue.
    DVLA have been v slow in their area.
    So not getting it tomorrow: but a week tomorrow. AAAH!
    Do you know, Duff of a good scooter forum where people talk about electric scooters? I have registered with a few scooter forums, but none seem to talk about electric scooters. Or anyone else know?

  11. Roxbuitssib Says:

    Super web site:D hope to visit again=)

  12. razor e200 Says:

    Yeah, It’s really a great one, I like to do a test drive on it.

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