Commuting with the Ego Electric Street Scoota

After all my tests to see the distance and speed of my electric scooter, I’m happy to give it a full go and launch it into the commuting world.

Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to check out my route up into London and see how I get on. The distance is 29.2 Miles and I have definately got 37 Miles out of it, so should be all good. The acceleration time was slightly lacking towards it final few miles but I shouldn’t have to get into that resevoir of power 😀

My main concern will be the other pedestrian commuters who will be unable to hear me coming as I’m so damn quiet (i’ll have to make my own hairdryer noises to make them aware!)

It’ll certainly be an experience – however it’ll also bring a smile to my face as i’ll save £22 a day in train fares!!! – quite a difference to the 8p to charge (especially as my work will be paying the other 8p hehe)

These are going back on sale again in late September and I would recommend to anyone who wants a cheap little run around to take the plunge and get themselves one. You can’t argue with the stats and it really is great fun.

Wish me luck and hopefully we’ll start to see a few more out on the road.

Clear your cookies and Pre-order at Firebox 😀




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17 Responses to “Commuting with the Ego Electric Street Scoota”

  1. Martin Thomas Says:

    Hi again… hope you enjoy your first commute. I getting ready to receive my bike, already got a great bargain on a jacket ( and I haved a Cabert Breeze helmet on order. I’ve heard the shipment of bikes will dock on the 17th September so those who have pre-ordered might get them a bit earlier. I can’t wait! 😉

  2. James Says:

    How are you getting on commuting?
    Do you work for Firebox, btw?

    I also wonder if you might know if there is a firm that offers free testdrives on it in the London area – came across them on the web.
    But can’t find them again.
    Can you email me if so?

  3. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi James

    The commuting is simply going to take me too long (through no fault of the scooter I must add, but distance and traffic etc make the timing an issue for me) – I will keep using my scooter for the shorter trips around my place etc as it is simply excellent for that – although when the days are longer again and the sun is shining I will def give it a go in the summer! 😀

    No, unfortunately I do not have the luxury of testing big toys for a living, I simply saw that there was nothing else out there about it except the same rehashed press release, so I thought I’d set this up. (If Firebox are reading and need a tester of items as a Saturday job then I’m more than game hehe).

    I can’t say I know of a test drive place in London, but I will have a look. If you ever happen to be within the Guildford / Woking area then you are more than welcome to have a go on mine.

    Cheers and thanks for reading. (I must do a post soon).


  4. egoelectricscooter Says:

    While I’m replying to comments …….

    Martin, Have you got it yet? – what’s the news? 😀


  5. James Says:

    Thanks. Thanks for the offer: might take you up sometime, if I can’t find somewhere in London

    Just wanted to ask you about hills.
    How steep a hill can you go up? And what speed does it drop to, when you do?
    I weigh 15.5 stone, and just wondering if I would be too heavy for the thing.

    There have also been comments that it is very ‘plasticky’,
    and just wondered if you thought it was going to last, etc.

    There are a number out there, and although this is the cheapest (and one we could most easily afford), don’t want to waste money on something that might break/get damaged easily.

    Would value your thoughts on these issues.


  6. James Says:

    Sorry: should have said I live near a 10% (1 in 10) hill….

  7. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Interesting – I shall find a mate who’s 15.5ish and see how they get on (mine drops to about 25mph on a decent hill and I weigh 10st) – i’ll just have to try to find a 10% hill near me – hehe – I’ll see what I can rummage up.

    In terms of being plasticky – Yes everything on the outside of it is plastic, however I personally would say that it certainly doesn’t look “cheap” or “tacky” at all – it feels like it will last – I expect that most scooters would be pretty hard pushed to withstand a proper knock and not look like it.

    I’ll see if I can do a test (my mate who is 6ft 3 had a go the other night and was very confortable on it and loved it – he’s very lanky though so prob only about 11st – I’ll see what I can do.



  8. James Says:

    How many charge cycles will you get out of the battery,do you think?
    Do you notice any loss of perforamance so far?

    The batteries cost £150 to replace, don’t they?

    *unless you got cheaper source?

  9. Martin Thomas Says:

    Hi… thanks for asking. Am still waiting to get the bike. Ego Scoota say that they have arrived at port last Wednesday and they are checking them through. I really hope it might arrive this week – can’t wait!!!

  10. mark Says:

    I’m looking at getting one of these via castleton car sales who are selling them in Rochdale. As these things are restricted is there a way of de-restricting them? I ask because I commute on a busy A road and traffic can get up to about 40-45ish mph. I have a CBT and would ensure insurance is kept legal etc, so it would be legal to de-restrict it (within reason).

  11. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Reply to James:

    Hi James

    The Manual / Warranty says that the batteries are covered for 3,000Km or 8 Months – so I’m guessing that they must do just over that comfortably. Not too bad for the small amount it will cost to charge!

    The £150 that you quote is indeed the cheapest I have seen, although I will keep looking.

    I have only done 200Km on mine so far, but it feels just as strong as it did when first testing.


  12. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Reply to Martin:

    Well keep me posted – If they have already landed in the UK then hopefully it should only take a week or two to check etc. You’d best get a friend and some gardening gloves at the ready then! hehe


  13. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Reply to Mark:

    Hi Mark

    I must admit that I know nothing about getting one of these de-restricted. The only thing I would say is that if you were to get it done then I’m not sure what impact this would have on battery life etc. (Do let me know though if you find out! :D)

    From what you have said, it might be more worth your while getting a slightly more powerful scooter (dare I say it, poss not electric), as I don’t know if it would get up to 45mph. Failing that would it be disasterous if you were to poodle along at 30mph on your commute? Kind of depends on how long you have to travel I guess. How far do you have to travel?

    Out of interest, what do they actually tell you on your CBT? Any top tips that you could share with us that might be potential life-savers?

    Hope this helps slightly.

    Keep us posted


  14. mark Says:

    Cheers for that, I believe various resellers are trying to find out and I’m guessing it’s only a case of replacing a small box of tricks? The initial ones imported were 500W motors so I’m guessing that the 1.4KW motor will reach 40ish. My commute is only 5 miles so range issues don’t really come into it. I did look at the Vectrix, Goblade, Zero and the best looking electric machine I’ve ever seen the enertiabike ( which are all more powerful (125 – 250cc) but also a lot more expensive.
    Observation and defensive riding

  15. pikeyfish Says:

    I’m also looking for a way to derestrict my scooter. I need to get up to 40mph just to stop problems at certain points of my 14 mile journey. If I find anything i’ll let everyone know.

  16. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi pikeyfish

    I think even with a derestriction you would struggle to get this up to 40mph, and if you did then it would most likely cane the battery. You might be better off going for a slightly more powerful model.
    Best of luck

  17. Mike Says:

    We’ve had one off the clock on a long straight road.

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