You’ve ordered your Electric Street Scooter – What to do next?

IMHO these are a few tips on how to get the cogs in motion for a fairly seamless transition from purchase to a wheel spinning start:

1. Once you hit the order button on you need to start thinking about getting the registration process under way. (I personally went for the extra £50 registration purchase when I bought the scoota)

2. First things .. second! Get yourself some insurance. You can get fully comp from for around £150 (ranges so far have been £141-£151) – You can give them a call on 0800 1970 453 – Once you have your quote and pay for it, mention to them that you have gone for the Registration process option. They will then send a cover note direct to the to the registration place.

3. You will then need to send (recorded delivery) your Drivers Licence (photocard and paper) and Utility bill to Ego Scooter, Unit 2, Moss Lane, Over Tabley, Knutsford, WA16 0PL – They will have hopefully received your cover note already and will get your Numberplate and relevant papers back to you within 10 days. They came through for me and I only took so long because I had to get my change of address shown on my Drivers Licence which took a few weeks.

4. I would think about ordering a helmet so that you are ready to go when it all arrives. I got mine from OpenFaceHelmets, and I went for a Nexx model, which for me is excellent. In order to measure what size you need you do the following:
Using a tape measure, measure round your head just above the eyebrows and ears (in centimetres). This is your nominal helmet size. That equates to:
in CM
52 = xx-small
54 = x-small
56 = small
58 = medium
60 = large
62 = x-large
64 = xx-large

I have gone for a medium so that my glasses aren’t too compressed in it. This works very well.

5. After a week or two of ordering you will receive a phonecall asking when you want to take delivery of the beast. I would definately recommend that you have a burly chum around as well to help you get it off the van! As I think I’ve mentioned in a very early post, It comes in a monster of an Iron Crate (which YOU will have to dispose of, more about that later!) – You will also need some gardening gloves or something similar in thickness to help with the sharp edges of the crate. You’ll also need some wire cutters and a fair amount of patience in order to get it out the crate.

6. Make sure the battery switch under the seat is switched to ON and then get charging. Place the connector into the bike first and then into the socket. Do the reverse when unplugging. The charger will sound like you are under the flight path of heathrow, but will be fine if in a garage or the like.

7. You should (if you have managed to do the above all ok) have your numberplate pretty much through. So get the sticky tape and get sticking.

8. If you past your driving test pre Feb-2001 then you will not need to take a CBT; if you do then I suggest looking at the DVLA site to check.

9. Ring the insurance company and let them know what your reg number is.

10. You’re good to go. Sounds a long list but not all that bad in the end.

Happy Riding and let me know thoughts and ideas etc.

Clear your cookies and Pre-order at Firebox 😀




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5 Responses to “You’ve ordered your Electric Street Scooter – What to do next?”

  1. Martin Thomas Says:

    Hi again. Just wanted to ask your advice on the registration process. I have pre-ordered the bike for the end of September but I just can’t decide whether to just ‘go for it’ and start the registration process once the delivery date comes through. I know that this will mean I can’t return the bike if I don’t like it i.e. if there is nothing wrong with it. On the other hand I just can’t wait to get on it and start commuting and saving money. What do you think?


  2. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Martin

    I would say that you might as well go ahead and get the ball rolling, simply because from what I have read of the returns policy on Firebox it seems that it is pretty hard to be able to test and get it all back to them within the 7 days that they give you.

    I think you’ll be chuffed and will certainly be saving money.

    let me know thoughts etc when you get it



  3. Martin P Says:


    Have just put my pre-order in and was thinking the same about registration. As you can’t legally test it (unless you have some private land to play on) without registering it, I will be biting the bullet and registering straight away. I reason that as you can’t give it a proper test until you can take it on the roads, it has to be done that way. I would imagine, given the demand for these things, that you wouldn’t lose too much if you decided to sell it on.

    Thanks again for the helpful blog


  4. Jamie Says:

    Hi – you mention that the scooter owner has to dispose of the iron crate it comes in. Can you tell me more about what you did please? Thanks

  5. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Jamie

    I managed to walk my down to the local Tip. I hear now though that it comes in a much easier to dispose of “recycleable” big cardboard box. This seems a lot better. They are obviously listening to their customers.

    Am still loving the scoota and the savings are really adding up. I would seriously recommend 😀

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



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