How far does an Ego Electric Street Scooter travel?

In a nutshell …….. 40 miles 😀 – I managed to get mine to a total of 37 miles before it coughed and spluttered itself into virtual shutdown. Yes I know that 37 isn’t 40 – However I had done this milage over the course of a few days and about 3 different trips, switching the battery off inbetween. I’m more than happy that it would go the extra 3 miles if you were to do this all in one trip (something that I will indeed test when I get the time).

The Scoota was running at pretty much full strength all the way up until around 30 miles where it did start to get slightly less responsive – although I must say that it does keep up the good work all the way until you only have the red light left, (at 36 Miles), I would make sure that you are in the near vicinity of a plug socket should you have just this one light on as the spluttering is just around the corner 😀 (literally!)

So you can get at least 60kms (the Odometer reads out in Kms) – which I would say should be enough for any city jaunts. Not to mention that it’s so much fun it’s quite simply scary! 😀

Everyone I have shown the bike and let have a go has loved it to bits. They are all talking about getting one themselves as they would “save so much money on petrol”.

Get yourself one before you spend the same amount on Petrol! hehe

Clear your cookies and Pre-order here Firebox 😀

Don’t forget to comment and let me know any questions / tests that you would like me to try.




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7 Responses to “How far does an Ego Electric Street Scooter travel?”

  1. Martin Says:


    Great blog – only review I can find that isn’t by a journalist! I only heard about these the other day and am interested but have quite a few hills near us. I’ve seen a few places saying it drops to 25 on hills – is that fairly consistent or does it it depend on the steepness. My communte is about 7-8 miles, downhill there and uphill back – do you think it would manage all right?

    Also, what helmet did you end up going for and what security are you using?


  2. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Martin – Indeed, that’s what prompted me to start it – Glad that you are finding it helpful.

    It does indeed drop to a consistent 25 on hills – If the hill in question is very steep then it may slow slighlty more, however if you have it fully topped up (downhill you can coast it :D) then it will stay pretty near 30.

    I would say that it will def manage for 8 miles (4 miles up hill) and even last a few days before needing a top up.

    In terms of helmet I went for a Nexx one (I have a post on here about it somewhere and got it from OpenFaceHelmets (or something like that) – was very speedy delivery and cheap at £80 or so.

    In terms of security you can lock the steering off to the left (quite how secure this is i’ve not tried as I would break it lol, however it feels pretty solid!) – Under the seat there is battery shut on/off, so I leave this turned off and then lock the seat back down, meaning that the bike won’t go anywhere until switched back on. – Finally I use a regular combination bike lock around the front wheel, more for visual deterrent than anything else.

    Hope that helps

    Let me know if you have any more questions
    If you do go through with it then feel free to clear cookies and go through any of the Firebox links


  3. Martin Thomas Says:

    Hi, me again!

    Just say that I have pre-ordered the bike today (a silver version). Now I have to wait may be until the end of September until sticks come in. I did ring the other stockist in Rochdale who said that they may get in stocks on the 17th Sept; but I thought I’d stick with Firebox. Do you think they will get it earlier and that the later date is just in case the deliveries are delayed? What was your experience when they ran out last time?



  4. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Martin

    Nice one – You’ll have to let us all know what you think of it.

    I was pretty quick off the mark and got in there before they ran out (although the Silver had already gone when I tried, but am pleased as punch with my blue effort).
    They should hopefully have them on or just before this date and it should take a week or two for it to come out to you.

    I’ll see if I can write a little ditty on here in terms of “what to do next” – Should save you some time and get you pretty much ready to go for when it all arrives.

    Excellent – I hope you like it as much as I do – not to mention your rediculously cheap “commute” 😀



  5. Martin Thomas Says:

    thanks; ps my insurance quote with the company you recommended was £141, so ha ha ha!!! (or may be that’s becuase I’m 37 and getting past it!)

  6. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hehe – a nice £10 saving there! – let me know how you get on with Helmet selection etc.


  7. Thinking about an EGO Says:

    Can you tell me what range you can get with the lights on – I am just wondering if you can achieve the 30 – 40 miles in the winter with the light on

    Many thanks

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