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Ego Electric Street Scooter now in stock

September 23, 2008

I have just received confirmation that the Street Scootas are now back in stock.

Get preordering today before they run out of stock again. All 3 colours are back in: Silver, Red and Blue. (I have the Blue myself, it’s a beaut :D)

Post comments on here if you have any questions etc

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Scoota accessories you may find useful


6ft 3inch and still comfy on your Ego Electric Street Scoota?

September 22, 2008

“Yes Indeedy” informs my vertically gifted friend (Chris). I will admit that if you were 6ft 4 then you might be just about touching your knees against the front of the bike – however that lack of 1 inch seemed to make all the difference.

Chris looked a man on a mission cruising around with the wind in his hair and a big grin on his face. He looked like you could have “blue screened” him into the middle of a busy Italian city and he would have been the talk of the town.

So that deals with the height. The next test that I need to do is regarding ‘weight’.

I did have a quick cruise up and down the road with a mate on the back who is around 13st. I weigh 10st myself and although the scoota was a little less responsive to say the least it still got up to top speed and felt solid. Not bad for a bike carrying 23st!! – Clearly I do not know how this would affect battery life / distance. I will see if I can get a mid range of around 15st and let you know some 0-30 times etc.

Even now it is still serious fun (it just never wears off!) – It’s def one of the best £1k I’ve ever spent (not to mention the amount that I’m saving! :D)

You can pre-order now – get in quick before they all scoot off again.

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Commuting with the Ego Electric Street Scoota

September 11, 2008

After all my tests to see the distance and speed of my electric scooter, I’m happy to give it a full go and launch it into the commuting world.

Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to check out my route up into London and see how I get on. The distance is 29.2 Miles and I have definately got 37 Miles out of it, so should be all good. The acceleration time was slightly lacking towards it final few miles but I shouldn’t have to get into that resevoir of power 😀

My main concern will be the other pedestrian commuters who will be unable to hear me coming as I’m so damn quiet (i’ll have to make my own hairdryer noises to make them aware!)

It’ll certainly be an experience – however it’ll also bring a smile to my face as i’ll save £22 a day in train fares!!! – quite a difference to the 8p to charge (especially as my work will be paying the other 8p hehe)

These are going back on sale again in late September and I would recommend to anyone who wants a cheap little run around to take the plunge and get themselves one. You can’t argue with the stats and it really is great fun.

Wish me luck and hopefully we’ll start to see a few more out on the road.

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You’ve ordered your Electric Street Scooter – What to do next?

September 3, 2008

IMHO these are a few tips on how to get the cogs in motion for a fairly seamless transition from purchase to a wheel spinning start:

1. Once you hit the order button on you need to start thinking about getting the registration process under way. (I personally went for the extra £50 registration purchase when I bought the scoota)

2. First things .. second! Get yourself some insurance. You can get fully comp from for around £150 (ranges so far have been £141-£151) – You can give them a call on 0800 1970 453 – Once you have your quote and pay for it, mention to them that you have gone for the Registration process option. They will then send a cover note direct to the to the registration place.

3. You will then need to send (recorded delivery) your Drivers Licence (photocard and paper) and Utility bill to Ego Scooter, Unit 2, Moss Lane, Over Tabley, Knutsford, WA16 0PL – They will have hopefully received your cover note already and will get your Numberplate and relevant papers back to you within 10 days. They came through for me and I only took so long because I had to get my change of address shown on my Drivers Licence which took a few weeks.

4. I would think about ordering a helmet so that you are ready to go when it all arrives. I got mine from OpenFaceHelmets, and I went for a Nexx model, which for me is excellent. In order to measure what size you need you do the following:
Using a tape measure, measure round your head just above the eyebrows and ears (in centimetres). This is your nominal helmet size. That equates to:
in CM
52 = xx-small
54 = x-small
56 = small
58 = medium
60 = large
62 = x-large
64 = xx-large

I have gone for a medium so that my glasses aren’t too compressed in it. This works very well.

5. After a week or two of ordering you will receive a phonecall asking when you want to take delivery of the beast. I would definately recommend that you have a burly chum around as well to help you get it off the van! As I think I’ve mentioned in a very early post, It comes in a monster of an Iron Crate (which YOU will have to dispose of, more about that later!) – You will also need some gardening gloves or something similar in thickness to help with the sharp edges of the crate. You’ll also need some wire cutters and a fair amount of patience in order to get it out the crate.

6. Make sure the battery switch under the seat is switched to ON and then get charging. Place the connector into the bike first and then into the socket. Do the reverse when unplugging. The charger will sound like you are under the flight path of heathrow, but will be fine if in a garage or the like.

7. You should (if you have managed to do the above all ok) have your numberplate pretty much through. So get the sticky tape and get sticking.

8. If you past your driving test pre Feb-2001 then you will not need to take a CBT; if you do then I suggest looking at the DVLA site to check.

9. Ring the insurance company and let them know what your reg number is.

10. You’re good to go. Sounds a long list but not all that bad in the end.

Happy Riding and let me know thoughts and ideas etc.

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How far does an Ego Electric Street Scooter travel?

September 1, 2008

In a nutshell …….. 40 miles 😀 – I managed to get mine to a total of 37 miles before it coughed and spluttered itself into virtual shutdown. Yes I know that 37 isn’t 40 – However I had done this milage over the course of a few days and about 3 different trips, switching the battery off inbetween. I’m more than happy that it would go the extra 3 miles if you were to do this all in one trip (something that I will indeed test when I get the time).

The Scoota was running at pretty much full strength all the way up until around 30 miles where it did start to get slightly less responsive – although I must say that it does keep up the good work all the way until you only have the red light left, (at 36 Miles), I would make sure that you are in the near vicinity of a plug socket should you have just this one light on as the spluttering is just around the corner 😀 (literally!)

So you can get at least 60kms (the Odometer reads out in Kms) – which I would say should be enough for any city jaunts. Not to mention that it’s so much fun it’s quite simply scary! 😀

Everyone I have shown the bike and let have a go has loved it to bits. They are all talking about getting one themselves as they would “save so much money on petrol”.

Get yourself one before you spend the same amount on Petrol! hehe

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Don’t forget to comment and let me know any questions / tests that you would like me to try.