Can you get a passenger on your Ego Electric Street Scoota?

Does a Bear do what a Bear’s gotta do in Woodland?!!! – Hell yeah!

I have trialled my Ego Scooter with a passenger and it wasn’t suffering too much at all – I don’t think that you would want to travel the full 40 miles like it, however it certainly didn’t cut my top speed and the nippyness (is that a word? .. it is now!)

This Scooter is simply ideal if you live in a city and you work / wish to travel locally! Although the manual states that I should keep it charging at all times to maintain battery life .. . I’m a bloke and so therefore am completely disregarding this and using the ON / OFF switch under the seat. Firebox themselves have kindly mentioned that they will be looking to stock replacement batteries in the future for as little as £75 (that’s cheaper than some people’s full tank of petrol! haha) – This means that I don’t have to constantly make sure that my scoota is wired up to a plug and can leave it ready for action at any point.

It’s so great being in the knowledge that if you need to nip out for a pint of milk, that it will cost more for the milk than the trip down there!

I will be doing more distance tests in due course and am taking a punt tomorrow night that it will get me somewhere and back without me giving it a top up from the weekend …. only one way to find out hehe. (If you see someone pushing a blue Scoota along the road… say hi :D)

Get yourself on the green scoota-wagon and pre-order before they sell out again! Clear your cookies and Pre-order at Firebox 😀


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5 Responses to “Can you get a passenger on your Ego Electric Street Scoota?”

  1. Martin Thomas Says:

    Hi, really enjoying your blog and it is helping me to decide whether to go for it or not. Rode a similar electric bike the other day that retails at £1600 so this one is much much cheaper. My commute would be 34 miles round trip: I might be able to charge up at work but if not would the Scoota be able to cope with it and if so would it get slower on my return journey? I would be mainly going on flatish roads from the countryside into Oxford city… Also it says that the 30mph is restricted. The scooter I tried the other day went nearly 40ish – does the Ego go as fast?



  2. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Martin

    I have just done a full test today until it was literally spluttering

    I managed 60km (37 miles) – although it’s def worth noting that this was done over the course of a few different trips / few days – so i guess that if you were to do it all on one go I reckon that you could def get 40 miles out of it.

    Once I hit 30 miles it was starting to get slower – but it still gets up to 25/30

    It’s top speed is literally 30 mph

    It is serious fun though 😀



  3. mark Says:

    Morning Martin,
    Did you find out about the restriction and what make was the other bike?

  4. paul dainton Says:

    hi, please could you tell me if these scooters can be unrestricted? if so, what speed can they reach after that, and how long will the battery run.

    a very hard thing to find out i know,
    thanks ahead.

  5. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Paul

    Yes indeed they apparently can. They reach a speed of 40mph. Quite what this does to the battery I don’t personally know yet, however I don’t believe that it would suffer that greatly as you are adding another battery.

    More info to follow – there are some other comments around the blog about it, check them out.


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