Ego Electric Street Scoota – The Tests so far

Ok So I got my licence through and literally jumped straight on my scooter with all the excitement of a small child.

Before I carry on let me explain that I received my bike about a month or so ago and charged it up immediately, before whizzing around my car park for an evening, due to lack of number plate, clocking up 5kms. I had then flipped the OFF swith under the seat, as suggested in the manual for leaving it for long periods of time.

So now a good few weeks later I jump on it flip the switch back to ON. I managed to get a very decent 40kms out of it before it was starting to struggle slightly. I’m not sure exactly how much further it would have gone, but I reckon it could have dribbled its way to 40 miles as advertised. (I will be doing more tests to really see how much I can get out of it)

So, how does it perform – Well it starts off with some nice strong acceleration and takes me about 15 seconds to get up to 30mph (I also should note that mine appears to get to 35mph which is a plus) – I weigh 10st, so you can add that into your calculations.

For about 30Kms you will get very similar performance – clearly as you go up hills it will start to struggle a tad and drop down to 25ish mph – but then releasing going down the other side makes up for it. I did notice that once I started hitting around 42-45kms it was starting to fade slightly – The green light indicators can be fairly wild and aren’t the most reliable of items, However they claim that when you hit Amber you should still have another 10-15miles in the “tank” – this I have yet to test, although I will give it a go on the weekend.

All of a sudden my top speed was only around 25mph and it was taking a fair bit of time to get here – however, as I say, I expect that it would certainly get you another 10 miles.

The storage space is excellent and it will hold quite a lot of stuff if needs be!

You do get a few dodgy looks from passers by as they are most likely trying work out what is strange about you silently approaching on a scooter 😀 – at the end of the day though it’s a great little run around (which I’m hoping will do the full 40 miles / 64 kms as promised) – it’s also great sitting there in the knowledge that you have only had to pay a fraction of a pence for the bit of road that you’ve just cruised down rather than the few pound that everyone else is paying 😀

Cheers and here’s to more tests

Clear your cookies and Pre-order yours here! Firebox 😀



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