Safety First on your Ego Scooter

I have been looking into purchasing a helmet for obvious reason and as usual they range from around £50 all the way up to £130 (for the level that I’m looking for at least, no point getting a state of the art F1 helmet for a scooter :D)

I’d prefer to treat helmet selection a little like I would if I was having Laser Eye surgery, I personally don’t want to go for the cheapest available as there must be a reason it’s so cheap 😀

I’m look for a respectable company that have been around for a bit and ones that you see out and about (in a kind of “well if it’s good enough for them” type idea) – although going off on a major tangent but true all the same … that philosophy really doesn’t work when it comes to music! You only have to look at the same cloned drivel that the record companies try to force down our throats day in day out to see that! It pays to go off exploring and finding some true gems on your own.

I have narrowed it down to either Nexx or Piaggio at the moment – Obviously any comments from owners would be much appreciated. I still have a week or two before my licence goes through to the DVLA so that I can finally get the beaut registered for OTR use, but I would like to get it sooner rather than later so that I am fully ready to lock and load once the number plate hits the door mat.

I shall let you know my decisions nearer the time of purchase. Thoughts welcome.




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