Ego Electric Scooter / Scoota Insurance

I rang yesterday and accepted / paid for my quote of £151 fully comp. So I have now set the wheels in motion (so to speak) towards getting a number plate. No doubt there will prob be some form of problem when I send my drivers licence off to the DVLA because my address for my car is still my old one (as that is where it is kept) which is different to my current living address. Only time will tell.

I did do a bit more whizzing around the car park at my flats and can safely say that my mates love it and are indeed very surprised at how “cool” it looks. They, like me, believe that they will surely be a massive hit with the good people of this country that wish to be a little greener and to give Gordon a proverbial poke in the eye by avoiding rediculous petrol prices!

My mate jumped on the back (a combined weight of 21 stone) and we still got up to speed without too much difference. We were both very comfortable and still felt very stable indeed.

Hopefully my licence plate should be starting to progess towards me so that I can get on the actual road and do some full “distance tests”

If you fancy yourself a scoota, clear your cookies and get pre-ordering at Firebox 😀


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3 Responses to “Ego Electric Scooter / Scoota Insurance”

  1. Barney Says:

    Im seriously considering getting one of these alongside when im learning to drive. The reason for this is because i have to share my car with my mum for a while and i could use the scooter to get to college rather than cycling or taking the bus. Obviously its an awesome price but i am worried about the price for insurance, I am 17 in a month. Could i have an estimation on the price?

    • egoelectricscooter Says:

      Hi Barney
      Thanks for your question. I pay £158 for fully comp. I can’t see that you being 17 will alter it too much seeing as it’s not like you’re getting on a Ducati 😀
      You’ll just need to take your CBT in order to ride without “L” plates. Apart from that it’s all good. Shout if you have any more questions, and if you do decide to go for it, be a legend and clear your cookies and then hit one of the Firebox links about.

  2. Barney Says:

    thanks 🙂

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