Nippy little Scoota

I had a little whizz around my car park last night with lights on and horns blaring. They aren’t kidding when they say that it is silent at a standstill! – Once you give the throttle a twist you are off! – It’s very nippy and because it’s electric it has great torque at the low end, so I found myself getting up to 25 in a matter of seconds (I would have gone faster but I was fast running out of tarmac in the car park and could see the wall rapidly approaching! :D) (Luckily the breaks are equally as impressive!)

My Flat mate had a quick spin also, and was very impressed – It really does feel very sterdy when you are on, and you can easily imagine zooming between cars and buses on the road.

I’m very much looking forward to applying for my number plate, and will keep you posted on how long that process takes.

All in all it so far gets a very strong two thumbs up from me 😀

You can pre-order yours here at Firebox (Clear your cookies :D)


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2 Responses to “Nippy little Scoota”

  1. Hermit Dave Says:


    its been a while since you have posted anything on the ego electric…
    i am presently awaiting delivery for the silver model (September) and i really hope its not bad …

    thanks for the info so far


  2. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Hermit

    Yes indeed, it’s been 10 days or so, apologies, i have been away on my summer hols 😀 all good – am now back and so will be sending off my licence and getting my little scoota on the road.

    I’ll do a load of tests like how many miles I get etc and generally how i find it.
    Will post all on here.

    Cheers for reading and I’ll keep you all updated


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