Go Green with the Ego Electric Scooter

Previous electric scooters have been overpriced and never really delivered the range or ease of charging that you can get from this gem.

You could be zipping round your town or city for virtually free once you’ve purchased one of these Ego Scooters. It costs as little as 8p to get a full charge out of it and will take you around 40 miles! You’ll also be able to nip about at a rather shifty 30-35 mph!

Mine is currently on it’s way to me and I will be keeping you updated on my progress. I opted for the Blue model and can’t wait to attempt to get to work on it 😀 (it’s worth a go to beat the train costs)

I will be interested to hear from other owners / potential owners on any views and stories etc, so please feel free to add comments.

I will keep you updated on when more are in stock etc and then you too can be nipping around on an Ego electric scooter.



Clear your cookies and Pre-order here at Firebox 😀


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8 Responses to “Go Green with the Ego Electric Scooter”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Has Ego come out with an upgrade their top speed has always been listed at 23 mph ??

  2. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Dennis

    I’m not sure about an upgrade to the top speed, however I have read that it is capable of 35 mph although is restricted to 30 mph. I will be posting all details once I have mine and have done some extensive tests with the lights on, listing full milage and how fast I can go 😀


  3. Bert Says:

    I purchased a used eGO (very hard to find) recently. It routinely goes 30 mph on level ground – I don’t know why the top speed is typically reported as less than that by eGO Vehicles and others.

    I’m very pleased with it. I commute on it every day. The only negative is the weight, which is also a positive. It’s tough to lift over curbs and threshholds – but on the other hand, the weight makes it feel very solid and substantial on the road.

    I suppose another “negative” is that I’m hesitant to take it on highways where the traffic is going 45-55 mph. However, I think it would be “legal” to do so – I see bikes on such roads sometimes. I do wear a helment at all times.

    I’d love to know about other’s experiences over time.


  4. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Bert

    Excellent news – I’m glad that you are doing well with yours. It’s nice to know that it does what it says it should.

    How many miles do you get out of it on average? Does this vary on factors such as “lights on” “luggage” etc?

    I do like the sound that it feels solid on the road. Very reassuring.

    You should ‘brave it’ and try to take it on the highways – they can easily get round you if you keep to the left. (It IS legal to do so)

    Mine will be on the road soonish and I will be posting as much info as poss



  5. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi MF

    I totally agree with all you say (I currently also have mine sitting in a garage awaiting me to send the registration off.)

    It indeed wouldn’t hurt Firebox to send out a little “what to do now” email (I might drop them a line)

    I, like you, was also unaware that it would literally turn up with nothing in the way of manual etc. (Although I hope that this blog can help future users with what they should expect and a “what to do next” post – so many thanks for taking the time to comment.)

    I will be charging mine up tonight and will give it a scoot around the car park of the flats that I live in (I’m under the impression that I can do this as it is private road) – I will let you know how that bit goes!

    It does look rather plastic to say the least but then so have all the other scooters that I have now started to notice zipping around everywhere.

    Only time will tell

    Let me know how you get on with yours if you get it up and running before me 😀



  6. Peter Says:

    Can someone tell me if this scooter is going to be suitable for someone who is 6’2″?


  7. egoelectricscooter Says:

    Hi Peter

    When I have my scoota on the road (hopefully in the next two weeks) I will get some of my taller mates to give it a whirl and will report back – (I will say though that it does feel nice and chunky / sturdy so I think that it would be fine, my mate who’s 6′ did have a go and loved it!

    Check back for updates



  8. oldandgray Says:

    the speed is going to be determined by a few things .
    your weight being probably the biggest one .
    im pretty skinny , and i cant get my ego passed 18 mph .

    i’ve had mine for about three years . . .
    and i feel like the battery life and top speed has deteriorated .

    Im at the point where i really want to get a new battery , or perform updates / modifications to it to increase the top speed and distance it can travel .

    Id love to talk with anyone about this .

    mike .

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